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Online store is open

We're excited to announce that you can now buy your favourite honey online and collect it at one of our WA pickup locations. To check out the range and buy some now click the link below...


Image by Heather Gill

The Rolls Royce of WA produced honey. Internationally recognised for its enormous health benefits Jarrah is unique only to the South West of Western Australia.


Image by Roberta Sorge

Also commonly known as Marri, Red Gum packs a huge amount of health benefits. It’s pollen is extremely rich in phytonutrients which carry over into the honey.

Red Gum

Image by Mae Mu

Our most popular honey, produced in the pristine Karri forests between Denmark and Pemberton. Karri is a light coloured and sweet honey.


Image by Daily Slowdown

A beautiful thick honey with strong caramel and toffee flavour. This is one of our farm favourites. Produced from the Wandoo tree between Brookton Hwy in the North to Cranbrook, WA.

White Gum


Image by Lindsay Moe

A winter producing tree found in swampy areas through the Wheat Belt. Yate has a tendency to candy quickly so is fantastic as a spread on your toast or a sweetener on your morning oats.


Image by Lindsay Moe

Wildflower commonly refers to honey that bees have produced from a variety of flowers. It can vary in colour and taste depending on where the bees have been.


Image by Lindsay Moe

Mallee is the most common form of eucalypt in Australia with hundreds of species growing all over the country. This honey is dark in colour and full of strong flavour. Perfect for use in cooking.


Image by Lindsay Moe

Produced by the One Sided Bottlebrush many beekeepers refer to this honey as Red Bell. It is a dark honey which many people draw comparisons to the taste profile of Jarrah.

Red Bell

Image by Lindsay Moe

Produced in the Goldfields of WA this honey is sweet with a soft gentle taste and is light in colour.

Goldfields Blackbutt

Image by Lindsay Moe

Another dark honey produced along the coastal plains north of Perth. Parrot Bush is a dense honey that produces strong after taste.

Parrot Bush

Image by Lindsay Moe

With abundant nectar sources at some of our apiary sites during spring, our bees work everything they can. A jackpot of delicious spring nectars that varies year on year.

Spring Mix


We have our online store up and running soon or you can visit one of our many stockists in WA. For interstate and wholesale enquiries contact us.

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